March 29, 2008

"Cotton Sponges"

These are sponge size double thickness little cloths. Nice size ...

Cotton Dish Sponges
Peaches and creme or sugar n cream worsted weight cotton
G or H hook
No Gauge
ROW 1: Chain 20, SC in 2nd chain from hook and in every other chain , turn
ROW 2-7: ch 2 and HDC in each stitch to end, now just turn and HDC in each remaining chain down the other side.this will make a pocket purse type shape and just use a SC in each stitch to close it up.
ROW 8: ch 1 SC, HDC, SC in same stitch, sk next 2 spaces and do a (sc, hdc, sc) in every 3rd space around. Adjust anyway you need to make sure the shell trim goes all the way around. If you are like me they will all turn out just a smidge different
I have made these with up to 30 chains to start for a bigger cotton sponge.

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