April 01, 2008

Infamous Granny Square Afghan.....

I just got back from sister's and got some pics of the infamous 2 week king size granny square afghan! It is 13 rows long and 11 rows wide. They're not quite 7" squares. What a job it was... just about 2 weeks before her birthday my sister made the comment thats she was really bummed that she never recieved one of the just jumbled mixed up color granny square afghans that mom and gramma used to make.....WOW... so between my job, grandkids and just the holiday's (Thanksgiving and Christmas) coming up ... I got it done! Was up til 3 and 4 in the morning every night, working on it every second I could and then staying up all night long on the eve of her birthday it was delivered by hand the morning of her birthday (11/25)! It was hilarious, my grandson FREAKED out over it and started rolling around on it saying "yarn....yarn...yarn" poor baby is yarn obsessed! Anyway... She loves it, she will NOT put it on her bed, she keeps it on her living room sofa so "everyone can see it there!".

That's a lot of granny squares!!!


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