July 07, 2008

1st attempt at knitting

I used worsted weight cotton and here is the 1st attempt.....
I know! Long way from being perfect, but off to a decent start... FINALLY! Only took, well it took me a lot of years to learn! LOL


  1. Micki,

    Thaat looks great. Your tension looks even and stitches all the same size, nice job. Keep going.

  2. WOW!! This looks really great for your first attempt. I'm impressed!!

    From the looks of things in your previous blog, you already have a stash started of cotton. Watch out--it tends to multipy when left alone for any period of time!!

    I don't know how it does that--it just does--maybe because some of us just can't resist buying a color that we JUST know we won't see anywhere else again!!

    Good luck with the knitting. It looks like you're off to a good start.



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