October 31, 2008

Instant Afghans for Charity ...

They are finally done.....
WOW!! Thank you so much ladies! We ended up with a total of 7... count them 7 afghans for our 1st ever Instant Afghan for Charity! That is 140 squares!!! I am still so overwhelmed with the generosity of our ladies and look forward to doing another one in the future!
I must admit, the move knocked my schedule off completely, but they are now done and will be presented to the Lions Children's Miracle Network Guest House this week.
I hung them out on on our fence yesterday and as soon as I got the first 3 up ... it started winding and then started raining! So I took a few quick pics and then laundered them all. They are so soft and lovely now! I want to keep them for myself! I sure do hope they brighten someones day! Thank you again ladies and look forward to doing it again!
You can click on each picture and make it larger... find your squares ladies !!!
Well... here they are all nice and layed out on my sofa.

Multiple Colors
Yellows and Whites

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