November 18, 2008

Jar Covers

OK... got a pic to post of one of my jar covers actually on a jar. Also a pic with a quart jar cover in it for size comparison. The ones on the left side of the picture are for his taller gallons and have a different color of drawstring row so he can tell the difference without having to get out a ruler or counting the rows every time. I wish I could line all of them up he already has and take a pic of them. It's a lot of jar covers!!! There is no pattern, just rows of DC, that's all.

ADDED PIC:11/19 He sent me a pic of 4 of them
2 taller gallons and 2 gallon jugs. You can see that
the short ones don't fit the taller jugs as well, so I
am making them 2 rows taller.

1 comment:

  1. Those jar covers are amazing...and so many wonderful colors. I do love color.


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