February 15, 2009

It's in the Details Jacket

This is unblocked... I just finished it... And look... the sleeves are the same length AND the hems line up on the sides... wow... I am impressed! It is in the January 2009 Crochet! magazine. It is called "It's in the Details Jacket". Very easy to make and if you are a plus size woman... I am thinking the 3X would be more like a 4X or a 5X. I normally wear L/XL sometimes 2X depending on the manufacturer and (The XL would have fit me AND both the grand babies in it as well,) So I made the size small # of rows for the bottom part of the sweater with the number of rows called for in size large for the Body. Turned out very nice, still a little loser than I would like, but it turned out really cute and looks really good on. very nice length. I will try to (maybe) post a picture of me in it when my daughter gets back from her vacation Tuesday. If I wouldn't have had the babies I could have finished this in a day and a half. it took 2 1/2 with the kids. So you know it is an easy pattern! LOL.. It is the first piece of clothing I have ever made myself ( well... besides the halters and things like that back in the day). I frogged the circles jacket from Caron.com and made this with it!


  1. Very Pretty! What crochet magazine was this pattern in?

  2. January 2009 Crochet! magazine. There are a few things in it I am going to try.

  3. Fabulous! I belong to the same online crochet group as you, but have so little time I never get to get on there and catch up with everyone, but I still occasionally look at some of the member's blogs. Your work looks great!

  4. Very fabulous, Micki! Matter of fact, I think I like it better than the circles sweater and I like that one too!


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