March 03, 2009

Cradle / Bassinet Purse

This is a Cradle/Bassinet purse order from my Etsy Store... I had to make a custom Bunting and hat for the baby because the store had NO pink babies and the rest of the babies they had were WAY to big for the bassinet, they need to be under 6 inches AND cute. So I just made a bunting and hat to cover the purple and didn't charge her any more for it since it was my fault (well... the stores fault). It has the blanket and I also made a mini bolster pillow instead of my traditional rectangle one to make it a little more special and I actually like the bolster pillow better. Very cute I think. So it will be going in my bassinet purses from now on... Sorry to those who have received with a rectangle! If you see this and take a pic of your purse I made, I will send you a new bolster pillow to match your cradle purse.

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