July 31, 2009

Secret Buddy Boxes...

List Mom Beth, Carol and Evie were involved in a surprise Secret Buddy gift for me...
The 1st box came from Carol W and had 2 beautiful kid size afghans in it for my grand babies - 1 in pinks for Shaylee and one in blues for Michael, a Gorgeous dark purple and a black variegated chenille hat and scarf set, 6 of the cutest ladybug candles, 7… yes 7 skeins of yarn, 2 pens for the kids, a cute little rolled brim hat made with P&C cotton, 12, yes.. a full year of monthly refrigerator magnet tablets, 24 mini travel spools of thread, a handful of vintage steel crochet hooks (heaven!), a Knitters Bible, 2 dishcloths, one knit and one crocheted, some herbal teas and some gourmet Cocoa mix. Carol, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can never thank you enough and might (remember I said might) not have to give you a hard time about your team! LOL!
The 2nd AND 3rd box came from Evie M and had a very nice and soft poncho in teal, blue, cream and white sparkle yarn, a bag of Reeses AND a bag of M&M's… both my FAVS!!! a Ziploc storage bowl with sidewalk chalk for my babies, 3 cute cotton crocheted cup holders, 2 towel and toppers in a white green and purple herbs and flowers pattern with the peaches and cream light green cotton topper, An Angel cloth in white with the same light green top, a red white and blue patriotic hat windsock, A hat and scarf set pattern, Pooh metallic acid free stickers for the babies, a bubble kit with 4 different bubble blowers in it, a big ole box of whoppers and a big ole box of starburst. Evie… you are TOO good of a secret keeper and I thank you for it!!! I thank you also from the bottom of my heart and soul!
The 4th box came from Beth Z today and she sent me a full set of Kris Knits summer cloths (the reason I started knitting a year ago), 4 place mats and matching coasters in cotton, 11 skeins of soft baby yarn to start some socks, a sunflower note tablet, Books including…Sugar n’ Cream Dishcloth Contest, Blue Ribbon Crochet, Tis the Season to Crochet, Lily Sugar Babies Bibs n’ Booties, Beaded Scarves, Fast and Fanciful Curling Ribbon Flowers, Playful Kids Sweaters to Crochet, Ponchos for kids, Knitzi Lace and cable socks, and a HUGE stack of flyer's, A hand sewed and embroidered Pink fabric knitting needle and crochet hook case with MY name on it with bamboo knitting needles in 15 of the pockets, they are size 0-15 - 32" circulars, a tape measure, 2 sets of DPN’s size 2 and 4, there is 6 pages inside of the 'book' with pockets and needle slots, a pair of beautiful pink n purple variegated KNIT socks, 2 bamboo handled crochet hooks G & H, 2 knit dishcloths 1 heart and one grandmas favorite that my heart cloth was born from, a knit dress towel topper and towel, and oh my gosh.. the Sweetheart Ripple Afghan made with wine country and baby blush Simply soft yarn… I wanted to make this so badly, but my yarn budget is gone, so yummy and soft!!! Thank you so much Beth, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can never thank you enough.

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