October 12, 2009

OK... I am I an animal sancutary?

This has really been an odd year for animals.....
earlier this year we had the blue bird in the apt, then the little frog also inside and day before yesterday this big ole snake.... he - she - it was about 4 feet long and thank goodness turned the other way before coming in!!!!!
Just wondering...WHY ME??????? Is there a sign that says come on in????

We threw bottles at him, an old cell phone, one of Michaels shoes... he wasn't leaving!!!! arghh!!! The neighbors husband finally came over and removed him for me! THANK YOU SHANNON!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. 10/10/10 ... add one more bird to that count!!! Had another one inside today. Gonna have to get a screen door I guess! Tried of unwanted house guests!


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