January 10, 2009

Comfort food kinda night

It has been an odd and extremely stressful few days and I just needed something really BAD!!!! so here is my really bad..... Betty Crocker Warm Delights Hot Fudge Brownie with 2 small scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream and drizzled with Hot Butterscotch and Hot Fudge! YUMMY
And No ... I am not sharing it! LOL
Oh..... and a sneak peak at my new knitted dishcloths I am working on.. That worked out well!!! They are about 5 1/2" very nice size for dishes. I like the dishcloths smaller. But bigger ones for bathroom duty.

1 comment:

  1. The dishcloths are wonderful! But I'll leave the sundae to you - cake is my favorite - we don't make it very often. LOL


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