January 28, 2009

My Grandsons Birthday Afghan... Knitted AND Crocheted

Who says you can't combine knitting and crocheting in one project... NOT ME!!!

With my severe allergic reaction to meds and ending up in Hospital and with my hands swollen twice their normal size and hives all over body, It kinda put me outta commission for a FEW days and so I fell very far behind in my first attempt at a fully knitted blanket. So push came to shove... I had to crochet them together, I just didn't have any more time to knit it all together.

Well the story behind this blanket is that my grandson (3yrs today, Jan 28) is totally yarn obsessed.. seriously yarn obsessed. Every time I would finish one of my knitted dishcloths or get some in a puffy they would disappear and later turn up in the toys at the end of the day... soooo I decided to knit up some dishcloths in Peaches & Creme and make him a blanket. He fell in love with the pink variegated dishcloth from Beth Z so it is also in his blanket (we tore it away from him a few days before) and most of the squares are from the knitting book... Dishcloths from the Heart, by Leisure Arts (again ... thank you Beth Z). There are a couple (the dark blue"M", orange ABC's and the the red star) from the net.

I bordered each square with sc's in White and Gumdrops (P&C), then each panel again in white and then the entire thing in White with a 'shellish' border in Gumdrops again. It turned out very very cute and he is napping with it as we speak!

You can see a couple goofs... but oh well, (don't hold it against me) it was made with MUCH LOVE!


  1. I LOVE IT. Great job!!! Lucky grandson!!!

  2. i started making my granddaughter one similar but i am having troubles sewing them together so i had to quit and just crochet her one. How did you do your seams? My squares are all the diagonal granny's favorite.
    I love yours very much. I hope one day i can get mine finished.
    take care,

  3. Wow, that's great work. And you can tell he loves it! In another 10 years, you'll look at it and marvel on how far you've come with your knitting!

  4. Thanks for posting this pattern - I was looking for one for my Mom-in-Law for her birthday (1 day after Valentine's Day) and this is perfect - I've wanted to create one like this but could never take time to figure out the "engineering" of it - you are wonderful and will always give you credit if someone asks for pattern. On to getting needles clicking!
    Becky in Gresham, OR


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