May 14, 2009

My new laptop computer... 1st ever!!!!

I am soooooooo excited. When my computer dumped last year I was without computer and had to go back and forth to the library to keep up on the group activities and it was a real PAIN! And now with the babies it would be an absolute NIGHTMARE... so with my taxes this year I got ME, yes ME a gift.....

A Toshiba Satellite 17.1" Laptop Computer with Vista Home premium. It is NICE, NICE, NICE!
Very fast
Very nice graphics
4GB Ram, 64Bit operating system(not 32), AMD Turion processor, 256GB GDDR2 (?) HD Mem card slots, 4 USB ports and a lot more. All for are you sitting down..... 498.00!!!!! What a steal. It is such a nice computer! I am very impressed with it!

Her is a pic of her!!! And I cannot get a picture that the keys don't look dusty around the edges... not sure why, but I PROMISE... there is NO dust on it!!!

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  1. That is so great, Micki. I am SO happy for you, my friend. Enjoy her, and use her, and love her.
    You did the right thing. It will not only help you with posting your designs, but with your Etsy store, and so, hopefully, with income down the line.


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