May 14, 2009

Crinoline Lady ...... (updated...Ladies)

Well... these are my latest addiction, only one is starched right now, but there are 3 done and I will post pics as soon as the Yellow one and purple one are starched. I just had to get some pics posted since I have been seriously neglecting my blog!!! I hope you like her.... she is a hit by all who have seen her! I am truly addicted to these, they are so fun to make! Easy too!

UPDATE...... The other 2 are starched... So I got a pic of all 3
together before they find new homes!!!


  1. She is beautiful... even prettier without the pins :D.

  2. You have more patience than I have, to do these! They are gorgeous. Isn't it fun to get addicted to new patterns?

  3. HI, they are beautiful. Where did you find these patterns.


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