March 24, 2010

Cradle Purse special order....

Too cute, I guess the little girl is obsessed with Christmas colors and wanted one in said colors..... so it is my first order for a three color purse and I love the 3 colors... gonna have to make up a few more I am thinking pink, purple and white, Green, yellow and white... ya know... if I ever get the time! But here it is in green and red and white. I like it a lot and I guess she was thrilled!!!!!


  1. Absolutely beautiful! Its incredible that your able to do these! It truly is an illusion! Keep up the good work mom! Love you! Kisses for the babies!

  2. Micki - you are an amazing person. To anyone reading this, I am the customer she made these for. What a wonderful and thoughtful surprise!!! She put them in my order as an extra-special gift. Your kindness and prayers are so appreciated and you are a joy to work with. Thanks for helping the breast cancer cause.



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