March 31, 2010

Sock CAL in my group

We are doing a sock CAL in the Gathering Room and I am so excited to report... I Crocheted a pair of socks... just to get the feel for socks before jumping in with the knitting needles. We are using sock yarn and a crochet pattern from Lion Brand Yarns to create them! How exciting and EASY they were to make! I was a little disappointed that the dye lot was not more consistent in colors as the one sock has brighter pink than the other, but that's OK. I made them and I love them! Comfy to walk in and everything, I thought it may be uncomfortable to walk in, but wore them out on errands yesterday and they were totally comfy in shoes! YAY!! I am so excited... but here they are and will be casting on a pair for Michael today in knitting!
So here they are from swatch to done.....

And see the elbow in the last pic?... He would NOT leave them alone and ended up wearing them most of the night! LOL, poor yarn obsessed baby! Here is one of the 8 shots with his hands all over them! Could not get him off of them.....

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  1. You may have to teach him how to knit (and crochet) at a very early age ... instead of waiting until the age when children usually learn how.

    You're training him right.



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