August 26, 2008

Abi's Slippers in Peaches & Creme Light Blue

I made Abi's slippers with the Light Blue #26 from Peaches & Creme and they only took about 2 hours! I added 1 row to the toe area and one row to the sole area and also added another increase to the row after the 1st increase to make them come a little higher on the ankle area, They are sooooo comfy! Like footie's only better! I am going to do the puff paint on the bottom after they are washed the 1st time to make them non skid. Love that 3d paint, it works so well to make slippers skid free! Just a few lines here and there and no sliding! I can see a set in all my cotton colors coming soon! I wear a size 9 or 10 shoe and these fit perfectly with only two rows added, I also did 2 rows of SC around the top edge and did a decrease at the round by the toe on both sides both rounds to snug up a little better on the top. Pattern here....

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