August 03, 2008

Yellow Butterfly and Blue Illusion Heart Dishcloths (knitted)

Well... I tore out yet another valentine surprise cloth so I found another pattern to practice on to get better and get this tension thing down. It is HARD! Very different from my crochet! I have the tension down pat there! Not in knitting though! But...
Here is my 2nd (finished) dishcloth... Again, I know it's not perfect.. but getting there, at least I didn't lose a row this time! LOL See.... no funny line going through the middle of my cloth! YEAHHHH!!! I used #5 needles on the butterfly....
And this is my 3rd knit dishcloth and it is the Illusion Heart Dishcloth and I need MORE, MORE, MORE patterns for this!!! Done in light blue and dark blue, looking at one angle, just looks like a goofed up striped cloth, but from the 2nd angle it is a heart.... LOVE THESE!!! Also, I need to learn how to take a better picture of the Illusion Dishcloths so it will come across better. I used Bamboo #8 needles for this one.
Heart Illusion cloth pattern is here...

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  1. You're doing great !! Just put the illusion cloth on an incline and look up at it to take its pic. You'll see the design just fine.

    Kathy in FL


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