August 28, 2008

Potholder swap..

WOW! What an absolute sweetheart are you!
Sharecropper sent me a beautiful pair of hand made earrings in a beautiful coral color, a fave of mine! a giant clear red Clothes pin I will be adding a magnet to and putting on fridge, 2 beautiful and thick potholders that we all got a sneak peak of on her blog... and the pictures do them NO justice at all, they are very nice and very plush!
Then I also scored from her trip to Pisgah... are you sitting down... she sent me 2 cotton pounder's in baby pink (already using it for a baby feet cloth) and light grape, 4 skeins of double worsted weight cotton in pastel pink (hmmmm, thinking abi's slippers maybe), 1 skein each color of the double worsted weight cotton in Shrimp, burnt orange, shocking pink, rose pink, Lt purple and daisy ombre, 3 fat skeins of a beautiful rainbowish ombre mill ends, 1 of light pink, peach ombre and a small one of dark rose, a bag of mill ends (1 lb ?) in variegated pinks n purples AND 3 skeins of Red Heart Sport yarn in Red, Black and White . ooooohhhhh and smarties candies!!! What a score! Thank you so much sharecropper! Did I say WOW yet???

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