June 03, 2009

Sisters Birthday Crinoline Lady

She is literally over twice as big as the rest of the Crinoline Ladies I have done and she has over 150 Opalescent beads hand glued on her. She is stunning! Turned out very nice. I was originally going to make her into an angel, but I really didn't like the wings I made up for her, so she just stayed without wings. Still lovely even without wings. I will put a pic with the wings as she is beside a couple of the others I have made for size comparison and included an attempt of a pic of the beading on her. In the last picture you can see the bottom of he purple lady for size comparison and the 2nd pic is a closeup of the beads. You can click on any of my pics and they will get bigger.


  1. This is so beautiful. I actually prefer it with the wings but either way is so lovely. I will have to see if you have patterns to follow.

  2. were did you find the pattern i would love to make one.

  3. She is out of the book from Maggies Crochet called Crinoline Ladies Book One. She is on the cover of it. There are 5 different lovlies in it designed by Soledad Davis.


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