June 27, 2009

Fathers Day BBQ

Yummy! Pork ribs, Pork Loin, Chicken breasts, Chicken Legs, Hot Links, Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, baby red potatoes , fresh green beans, and baby carrots in foil, Texas Toast! Yummy! Then there was the non BBQ stuff like the potato salad, chips, dips, sodas, baked beans, strawberries, and fudge-scicles and stuff! LOL.
Plus a shot of the "yard" of the new place. Looks cute with the obnoxious pink umbrella I am making a cover for! Now, I love pink, but that is too pink and bright in the sun.

Sister FREAKING out over the ribs! (she ended up eating more of them than the adults did!
Our little sitting area....

Ahhhh... waiting for the charcoal... (see the charcoal chimney on the ground and the ribs on the grill...it is a gutted out gas grill, great sized cooking area!!!)

The food done cooking in these two shots......

And this is all that is left over!

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  1. Oh, wow, am I ever hungry! Thanks for sharing all your bounty with us, Micki. That was fun. Funny - I'm still hungry (lol).


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