August 27, 2010

Found a cute FREE photo effect site...

You know we crafters like to take pics of our projects (if we remember to take the pic before it is taken from us!!!) and I found the cutest little site called and it has a bunch of different layouts like the two below and all you have to do is load your pic and it does everything... it centers it right, it really does it all!!! You'll have to check it out. There is holidays, weddings, kids stuff, famous people, even a hello kitty one... LOTS of things to frame your pics, there are even a few ... shall I say risque as well, so if you wanna do a special spouse pic without having to go somewhere... here you go! Go check them out and have some fun with your pics! Get your fav pic of your little ones, projects or pets and go have some fun! It is also available in many languages!

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