August 20, 2010

Moms Chemo Caps

Most of you already know that Mom has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer after complications (embolism, pneumonia, infection)  from a surgery she had April 24th and caused a battery of tests (THANK GOD) to be done and the fluid drawn from around her lung contained ovarian cancer cells. So she is now going through Chemo and her hair is starting to fall out and she is very much OK with it, but knows that the public can be put off, so she wants some caps and this is the first one (well, first 2), there are several others waiting to be made until we can find some darned teal cotton, crud, we can't even find any teal regular yarn either and I just can't afford to pay 10+ shipping for one cone of cotton!!! Teal is the color for ovarian cancer. I am going to make her a set of the cancer awareness illusion cloths in teal too! (If we ever find teal cotton)
Anyways... I digress.... 
This is the hat out of Think Pink for the Cure and it is so cute and looks really good on her. She wants them to match all her clothes! LOL
I made these with Simply Soft, but she wants them in cotton as well. 
They are a really nice tight stitched little hat. Will actually provide some warmth and be cute!
Purple for her first of course! LOL  

And then Pink. I really like them. Pretty quick to make up too.

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