August 20, 2010

Jar Covers

I love these things... I have them for everything almost... crochet hooks, barrettes and pony tail holders, pens & pencils... you name it... if it fits... it has a jar! LOL  
I use Peaches & Creme yarn always.  These are quart wide mouth jars.
I love how the variegated cotton spirals up the jars!!! Have to have a ruffle and a ribbon of course.


  1. Micki, these are so cute. Are these in your shop, or is there a link to the pattern?

    Quart-size sounds like just a tad larger than the Classico pasta sauce jars I always have a bunch of...


  2. Why .. yes they are in my etsy store... a good friend put a bug in my ear about it.
    I have used the salsa jars... both the short and the really tall ones, baby food jars, 5 gallon jars, the tall coffee-mate cardboard canisters... you name it... if it can be covered and hold something, I probably have covered it! LOL. It is just whatever pattern that grabs me at the moment.


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