August 20, 2010

Our Butterfly Garden

This is from the infomercials on TV... The kids loved watching the whole process and them getting to hold them and let them go too! They come in a plastic jar with food on the bottom and have 5 little bitty black larvae in them. They eat and grow and grow and grow and grow then do their cocoons and then hatch. You keep the for 5-10 days and let them go. They started eating each other after 11 days because we could not let them out in the severe rain we were having! So they will start eating each other! They are vicious little creatures. Out of 10 we let 8 go!!! Was very exciting.
The larvae and 2 fresh hatching's!!! (Note the dye dripping down, that is from the wings)
Butterfly enjoying our little garden
 Michael with a butterfly, they were in total awe!!!

Shaylee's 1st ever holding a butterfly!
Shaylee's Butterfly!
Michael's Butterfly

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