March 29, 2008

Sofa Tissue Cover

In Dusty Rose with White trim and Heart Pillows.
Pattern for sofa tissue cover can be found here....

The Rose Doily

Pink!! Pattern here....

Pink heart doily

Pineapples and Hearts ... how can you go wrong???
Pattern here....

Santa Suit

Too cute!
Pattern out of Better Homes and Gardens Simply Creative Crochet 2006

"Cotton Sponges"

These are sponge size double thickness little cloths. Nice size ...

Cotton Dish Sponges
Peaches and creme or sugar n cream worsted weight cotton
G or H hook
No Gauge
ROW 1: Chain 20, SC in 2nd chain from hook and in every other chain , turn
ROW 2-7: ch 2 and HDC in each stitch to end, now just turn and HDC in each remaining chain down the other side.this will make a pocket purse type shape and just use a SC in each stitch to close it up.
ROW 8: ch 1 SC, HDC, SC in same stitch, sk next 2 spaces and do a (sc, hdc, sc) in every 3rd space around. Adjust anyway you need to make sure the shell trim goes all the way around. If you are like me they will all turn out just a smidge different
I have made these with up to 30 chains to start for a bigger cotton sponge.

Heart dishcloths

Sugar n creme Chocolate I believe. (?) Pattern found here...

Circles Dishcloth

This ends up very thick.
More like a hot mat. It won't let me paste the link into this so you will have to go to and look in the dishcloths.

Scrubbie and Hot Pad

Scrubbie and hot pad in Peaches and Cream.
A veiw of each side.
The hot pad is called Geometric Potholder and can be found ...

My rendition of hanging toilet tissue holder

Done in Off White with Purple and White Flowers, Dark Sage Green Leaves with Pink and Purple Satin Roses in the center of the Flowers.
I made this one up as I went, so I have no idea about the pattern, I have requests for them though, so will be figuring out pattern soon.

Crochet Flower HotPad

In an ombre and off white. Pattern here...

King Size Ripple Afghan

Burgandy, Off White and Purple.

A few of my Cradle / bassinet purses ...

Butterfly towel toppers

Pattern no longer available online

Grandsons Pooh, Tigger and Piglet

What a nightmare... I finished Pooh AND Piglet in the hospital... when he came 6 weeks early and he got tigger later in the year.
Piglet and pooh still have their NICU pins on them!!!
I have them posed with a pounder of peaches and cream cotton to show their size.
Got patterns out of Leisure Arts Disney Home Pooh Collection. Pooh and Friends

2 hotpads

2 hotpads
Got them off Maggies Crochet 40 free pattern download.

Care bears Share Bear Afghan

This thing is huge! Bigger than I thought it was going to be. Was finished in the hospital. She came 3 weeks early.

My puffs tissue box covers

We all use puffs around here and all I could find was regular tissue box covers, so I created my own!

Baby booties and bootie ornament

These are baby booties in an acrylic heart ornament. The buyer received the pair of
booties and a bootie ornament. Very cute.

The pattern is no longer available online

Dolphin afghan

This is a dolphin afghan I made for a freinds friend who is a University of Oregon duck fan, hence the Green and Yellow, and a dolphin collector, so they chose the colors. it is pretty big, it is shown on a love seat.