August 27, 2010

Found a cute FREE photo effect site...

You know we crafters like to take pics of our projects (if we remember to take the pic before it is taken from us!!!) and I found the cutest little site called and it has a bunch of different layouts like the two below and all you have to do is load your pic and it does everything... it centers it right, it really does it all!!! You'll have to check it out. There is holidays, weddings, kids stuff, famous people, even a hello kitty one... LOTS of things to frame your pics, there are even a few ... shall I say risque as well, so if you wanna do a special spouse pic without having to go somewhere... here you go! Go check them out and have some fun with your pics! Get your fav pic of your little ones, projects or pets and go have some fun! It is also available in many languages!

August 26, 2010

Carols Crochet Place is giving away a $65 CSN Gift card!

How exciting.... Carols Crochet Place is giving away a $65 gift card for CSN stores. Please check out her blog for more info on how to win this.... Carols Crochet Place
Thanks Carol for the great offer!

August 21, 2010

Ovarian Cancer Sock Kit

Something after my own heart....
As you all may or may not know, my Mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer and is undergoing Chemo treatments.

Rob Delmont of Skacel Collection has teamed up with the Marsha Rivkin Center for Ovarian Cancer Research ( to make the egg-stra Special Sock kit designed by Rosemary Chappy Chapman in honor of Susanne Skacel, a three-year survivor of ovarian cancer. You can read more about it in the newsletter here.... Creative Knitting Newsletter  or read about the kit here..... Ovarian Cancer Sock Kit   

They are donating 15.00 of every kit sold to ovarian cancer research!!! How amazing is that. Makes my hear warm to know that our craft can make a difference in someones life. So if you or a family member or a friend have had or know someone that has had, does have, is a survivor of ovarian cancer, here is our chance to help. Kits purchased through both Jimmy Bean's Wool and Webs, will have their entire purchase price of $25.00 donated to the Marsha Rivkin Center!!! Makes it an even better deal!!!

I have posted this on my blog and on facebook as well.... Please do the same, together we can make a difference! Lets show the world what we can do as a dedicated group of crafters!!!! Spread the word ladies (and gentlemen!!!)

Thanks for reading!

August 20, 2010

Moms Chemo Caps

Most of you already know that Mom has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer after complications (embolism, pneumonia, infection)  from a surgery she had April 24th and caused a battery of tests (THANK GOD) to be done and the fluid drawn from around her lung contained ovarian cancer cells. So she is now going through Chemo and her hair is starting to fall out and she is very much OK with it, but knows that the public can be put off, so she wants some caps and this is the first one (well, first 2), there are several others waiting to be made until we can find some darned teal cotton, crud, we can't even find any teal regular yarn either and I just can't afford to pay 10+ shipping for one cone of cotton!!! Teal is the color for ovarian cancer. I am going to make her a set of the cancer awareness illusion cloths in teal too! (If we ever find teal cotton)
Anyways... I digress.... 
This is the hat out of Think Pink for the Cure and it is so cute and looks really good on her. She wants them to match all her clothes! LOL
I made these with Simply Soft, but she wants them in cotton as well. 
They are a really nice tight stitched little hat. Will actually provide some warmth and be cute!
Purple for her first of course! LOL  

And then Pink. I really like them. Pretty quick to make up too.

Chicken and taters..... can't go wrong.

I was watching cooking channel the other day and fell in love with the Easy Grilled Honey-Dijon Chicken and Tangy Tater salad that Sunny was making, so I HAD to make it. YUMMY! WOWSER! Can get the recipe here.....Tangy Tater Salad and
If those fail to work, just loook for Sunny Anderson on and look up the recipes. Very quick and easy and super YUMMY! Kids even cleaned their plates! Even Shaylee!!!
Cooked the Chicken on the grill and the taters inside. Man oh man was it GOOD!

Jar Covers

I love these things... I have them for everything almost... crochet hooks, barrettes and pony tail holders, pens & pencils... you name it... if it fits... it has a jar! LOL  
I use Peaches & Creme yarn always.  These are quart wide mouth jars.
I love how the variegated cotton spirals up the jars!!! Have to have a ruffle and a ribbon of course.

Another Cradle Purse

This customer wanted Pink, White and Blue... so.. here it is finished.... She didn't give a baby color preference, so I used a pink & a blue one. Nice little surprise for her.
OK... everybody... awwwwwwww

Kitty Couch for Precious

Made Amber's spoiled kitty, Precious, a Kitty Cat Couch. It is just HUGE! And this is the only pic I didn't goof and delete from my memory card!!!! I will have to get Amber to take a pic for me with her cell phone and I will post it too.. But you get the idea. SPOILED CAT!
My and is there so you can see how big it is and my cell phone is on it too!!!! That is how deep it is! I made the letters and hearts with sport weight yarn. Used Red Heart Super Saver in 2 pinks... you can also see the darker color of the bottom in this pic.

Mini Trinket Box Doll for daughter

I made this for Amber while she was in the hospital. I used #10 thread and a short fat RX bottle for the base. I just made her up as I went along. I have made so many of the big ones that it was pretty easy. She has her tongue, la brae and eyebrow rings in it. So very cute. She has wanted one of the cross ribbons and is in love with Black and pink.
Isn't she cute!

Here is her Black ribbon cross on the under skirt.
And here it is open... too fun!!! I love making these!

Daughters Leg injuries.... WARNING YUKKY PICS!!!!!!!

My daughter was hit by a hit and run driver on her 27th Birthday and spent 8 days in intensive care in critical condition and another 8 days in critical Orthopedic care followed by home visits from the home health care nurse and lots of Dr appts.
She had 4 surgeries in the first 36 hours after they got her stable enough to take her in!!! I honestly do not think I have never been so scared for my baby in my life. 
Her leg was shattered from the knee down. (her patella and tibia (?) ) She had 7 surgeries all together that 1st week and there will be at least 2 more. 
There is severe nerve injury as well and the 4th surgery was a femoral artery bypass because there was no blood flow to her lower leg.  2nd or 3rd day home, she slipped and broke her left wrist... tak about adding insult to injury!!! 
It is almost 2 mos into it and she has an infection in the femoral artery bypass site. Has been on antibiotics for it for over 2 weeks now and is on the 3rd batch now and hopefully it will go away.

I will do the least offensive pic 1st, the next couple will be VERY GRAPHIC... scroll to the next post if you are squeemish AT ALL!!!!!
This is after her leg was wrapped it (about 10 days).... She had half a million IV holes! It was unreal.




This is after the femoral artery bypass and she was still unconscious most of the time. She had 4 stitches in her eyebrow and scuff up cheek and eye and black eye... she will kill me if I post that one!!!!!  
The dark hole (s) are on both sides of her legs are open incisions with drains to drain off the fluid from her leg.

Fishnet knee highs!

LOVE these! I have made 3 pair now, they work up so quick! Pattern here.....
I do not know what the yarn is, it was a gift from Margaret (THANX!!!) and had no label, but LOVE IT! These are mine!!!!!
The black are a sport yarn and the fall variegated is a sock yarn. I do have to say that they look WAY better on!

Trinket Box Doll for Sister's Birthday

This is my sisters Birthday present. She is one of the trinket box dolls! Sorry ... Horrible pic, I know, but snapped it as she was on her way out the door... literally! Threw up a backdrop and put her on one of Edie's Dishcloths. But at least I remembered this time!

Our Butterfly Garden

This is from the infomercials on TV... The kids loved watching the whole process and them getting to hold them and let them go too! They come in a plastic jar with food on the bottom and have 5 little bitty black larvae in them. They eat and grow and grow and grow and grow then do their cocoons and then hatch. You keep the for 5-10 days and let them go. They started eating each other after 11 days because we could not let them out in the severe rain we were having! So they will start eating each other! They are vicious little creatures. Out of 10 we let 8 go!!! Was very exciting.
The larvae and 2 fresh hatching's!!! (Note the dye dripping down, that is from the wings)
Butterfly enjoying our little garden
 Michael with a butterfly, they were in total awe!!!

Shaylee's 1st ever holding a butterfly!
Shaylee's Butterfly!
Michael's Butterfly

Ambers Magic Wand Pillow

 This it done without the button covers (well... snap covers) and Double strands of yarn throughout.
The inside is crocheted and single strands of Simply Soft... of course it HAD to be soft!
This is what it is going to house.....
All snuggled in its new home! 

Shaylee's dress

This is the little dress I knit for Shaylee. She has a blue one and a yellow one too! Very quick and easy to make too! Only uses a fat quarter that you can usually find for under a buck and less than a ball of cotton. A little sewing knowledge is a really good thing too! 
It was so cute, they were out riding their bikes and I decided to get a pic since she HAD to have the hat on too and it started sprinkling so she had to do her rain dance!

Crocheted Rug

I love how this turned out. So huge and cushy! Michael is in love with it too! LOL ... My yarn obsessed baby! It is out of Floor Doilies. Love the book! Have orders for at least 3 of them for family... guess who's getting home made rugs for Christmas?!?!?!?!?