December 01, 2009

Blog Neglect.....

OK...OK... I know, I have been horribly neglecting my blog..... Been trying to get some knitting and crocheting in these last few months.
Michael started in Head Start pre school last month and it has been kind of insane and horrible! He loves going to school and playing and painting and interacting with the other kids and is doing well.
Was there for a week.... Got Viral Croup.... WOW.... what a fun week that was! Shaylee and I both got the virus, but not the croup end of it, I slept in on the floor with Michael for almost the entire week. In and out of the steamy shower..... fun times. Then he went back to school after getting better for a week..... And guess what..... he got sick again.... and yes... followed shortly by Shaylee and I again..... 3 times total!!!!! He has missed 3 out of 5 weeks of school.
Well... we all three ended up with ear infections this last time, Michael had a severe double ear infection and thankfully Dr saw Shaylee too as she was just starting one in her left ear, next night I ended up in urgent care with a severe middle ear infection! Just finishing up the antibiotics tonight for them! Poor babies. Has not been a fun 5 weeks here.
Also when my laptop crashed I sent it in for repair with the memory card out of my camera in it and guess what..... It didn't come back with the computer! Arghhhhhhhh no money to get a new one, too many other things are needed first. So not able to take many pics at all to post, I had an order for more of my sofa tissue covers, but kids needed socks or I could have gotten a new one then. Maybe Santa will bring me one. (LOL)
So I am not lost, just not posting!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!