January 30, 2009

FIREMED... totally not crochet or knitting... but I have to...

Well, as we all know... LIFE HAPPENS...
I had a severe allergic reaction to Macrobid this last week and ended up in an ambulance in anaphylactic shock, BP was 87/42 by the time we got to the hospital, Hives all over my body and more, won't gross you out, But it was bad, I could have died had my daughter not dialed 911. Well... I got the Ambulance bill ... for less than a 2 mile ride it was $1,196.50!!!

Fire-Med is $55.00 per year. If you do not have it GET IT!!! It covers the whole household for that $55.00, no deductibles, no nothing, if you have it your covered.

Here is a link to the website for it... http://firemed.org/. At $55.00 per year even if you only used it 1 time in 21 yrs, it pays for itself!!! If you use it more than that.. it really pays for itself. Please, please, please go check it out, it may save you or a family members life (or checkbook)someday! I am posting a copy (with all personal info blocked out of course) of the bill. Unreal, really... please check out their website to see if it is in your area.

January 28, 2009

Best testimonial to Birthday Blankey!!!!!

OHHHHH! I had to post this picture of my big baby sleeping with his new Blankey! That is his Mamma holding {(snoring with)} him... Must have been a good day! This was @ 6:30, nite nite or what?!?!? Now we just have to figure out how to get rid of the nite nite boo boo!!!

My Grandsons Birthday Afghan... Knitted AND Crocheted

Who says you can't combine knitting and crocheting in one project... NOT ME!!!

With my severe allergic reaction to meds and ending up in Hospital and with my hands swollen twice their normal size and hives all over body, It kinda put me outta commission for a FEW days and so I fell very far behind in my first attempt at a fully knitted blanket. So push came to shove... I had to crochet them together, I just didn't have any more time to knit it all together.

Well the story behind this blanket is that my grandson (3yrs today, Jan 28) is totally yarn obsessed.. seriously yarn obsessed. Every time I would finish one of my knitted dishcloths or get some in a puffy they would disappear and later turn up in the toys at the end of the day... soooo I decided to knit up some dishcloths in Peaches & Creme and make him a blanket. He fell in love with the pink variegated dishcloth from Beth Z so it is also in his blanket (we tore it away from him a few days before) and most of the squares are from the knitting book... Dishcloths from the Heart, by Leisure Arts (again ... thank you Beth Z). There are a couple (the dark blue"M", orange ABC's and the the red star) from the net.

I bordered each square with sc's in White and Gumdrops (P&C), then each panel again in white and then the entire thing in White with a 'shellish' border in Gumdrops again. It turned out very very cute and he is napping with it as we speak!

You can see a couple goofs... but oh well, (don't hold it against me) it was made with MUCH LOVE!

January 11, 2009

My first design... Knit Heart Dishcloth with Pattern

I have been making the "Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth" these last few days and I kept thinking it would make a GREAT heart dishcloth if I could just figure it out,so today I started one and at the halfway point when I had 40 stitches on and started the decreases, I just did the 1st 20 stitches and left the other ones on my "DP" (still do not have any , so I'm using an orange wood stick, I DID however file the point!!!) and used a small hair tie to hold it on, I decreased each row just like I would have for Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth and then joined the yarn in the middle and put the stitches back on the other knitting needle and did the same thing. I will write up the pattern this evening and post it. But I just had to share!!!! I AM SO PROUD OF MYSELF!!!!!! AND I was smart enough to 'kinda' write it out as I went, I just had to post this right away!!!

Heart dishcloth (Knitted) © 2009
Created By Micki 01/11/2009
This is my pattern for you to use ANY way you choose. You can share it, sell them, But PLEASE do link back to my pattern rather than posting it as yours, it is MINE! It is my 1st ever knitted creation and I am rather proud of it, so please do not say it is yours. You may not reprint the pattern without this copyright verbiage, nor may you sell it as your own. Micki Wiskow © 2009

Materials needed:
Small amount of Peaches & Creme WW cotton yarn, I used #31 Shocking Pink
Size 7 Needles
Darning needle or crochet hook (to tuck in ends)

CO 4
Row 1: K2, YO, K to end
Row 2: Repeat row 1, increasing until you have 40 stitches on needle.
Row 3: K 20, Put remaining 20 sts on a st holder and continue left side of heart as follows:
Right side of heart:
Row 4: K2, YO, (K2 tog) x2 K to end
Row 5: Repeat until you have 9 sts left on needle
Row 6: (K2 tog) x2, K1, (K2 tog) x2
Cast Off this side and move to left side of heart.
Left side of Heart:
Row 7: Join yarn in the center of heart and transfer held stitches to working needle.
Row 8: (K20)
Row 9: K2, YO, (K2 tog) x2, K to end
Row 10: Repeat until there are 9 sts on needle.
Row 11: (K2 tog) x2, K1, (K2 tog) x2
Cast off and weave in all ends

January 10, 2009

Comfort food kinda night

It has been an odd and extremely stressful few days and I just needed something really BAD!!!! so here is my really bad..... Betty Crocker Warm Delights Hot Fudge Brownie with 2 small scoops of Chocolate Ice Cream and drizzled with Hot Butterscotch and Hot Fudge! YUMMY
And No ... I am not sharing it! LOL
Oh..... and a sneak peak at my new knitted dishcloths I am working on.. That worked out well!!! They are about 5 1/2" very nice size for dishes. I like the dishcloths smaller. But bigger ones for bathroom duty.

January 08, 2009

My knitted I love you American Sign Language (ASL) Cloth

I knitted this in Peaches and Creme Light Pink for List Mom Beth Z and our dishcloth exchange. She got it, so I can post a pic now. I really like it!!! pattern can be found here... http://frogiezplace.blogspot.com/2008/04/i-love-you-in-asl.html

January 06, 2009

Dishcloth Puffy from Beth Z

Here is the Dishcloth puffy I got from Beth Z yesterday with a closer picture of the yarn, very soft and nice colors. The dishcloths are both hearts! I LOVE THEM!!!! Thanks Beth

January 05, 2009

What's The Big & Little Deal About Cables Cloth

Wow, 2nd Cables Cloth done! This is only my 2nd attempt at cables and I am pleased. Could have been a little better, but I am pleased with it. Hope I did it a little justice Maile!!
This one is also from my new Yahoo Group Cloth of the Week. There is a link in the upper right hand corner of my blog to join it if you would like.

January 04, 2009

Learning new knitting stitches

I am so proud of myself. At the gentle urging of Beth Z and Maile I did it... I first tried the slip knit thing.... TOO Easy (off white swatch) And then tried the Ellis Cable (Small one and in purple) and viola... Cables. I cannot believe they are that easy. I figured it would be a week or so before I could actually even attempt to do cables!
I didn't have any DPs, so I used a mini orange wood stick from a manicure kit. Don't laugh... it worked!!! You can see it in the picture of the cables.
Thank you so much Beth Z and Maile!