March 31, 2010

Sock CAL in my group

We are doing a sock CAL in the Gathering Room and I am so excited to report... I Crocheted a pair of socks... just to get the feel for socks before jumping in with the knitting needles. We are using sock yarn and a crochet pattern from Lion Brand Yarns to create them! How exciting and EASY they were to make! I was a little disappointed that the dye lot was not more consistent in colors as the one sock has brighter pink than the other, but that's OK. I made them and I love them! Comfy to walk in and everything, I thought it may be uncomfortable to walk in, but wore them out on errands yesterday and they were totally comfy in shoes! YAY!! I am so excited... but here they are and will be casting on a pair for Michael today in knitting!
So here they are from swatch to done.....

And see the elbow in the last pic?... He would NOT leave them alone and ended up wearing them most of the night! LOL, poor yarn obsessed baby! Here is one of the 8 shots with his hands all over them! Could not get him off of them.....

March 24, 2010

My sock yarn gift...

I was wonderfully gifted with some sock yarn from a dear friend! I love you!!!
The 2 wrapped packages of 10 are 75% super wash wool and 25% nylon. The 2 blue variegated are 40% wool, 40% bamboo 20% nylon. The 4 bigger skeins are 48% cotton, 39% merino, 13% nylon. 2 of the hanks are 100% merino and 2 are 50% bamboo and 50% wool. The 2 light variegated green ones are 75% super wash and 25% nylon. There are at least 2 of every colorway... some really nice yarn!

Michaels Birthday

We had a wonderful day... Their Mamma and I took them to build a bear and Both of them got to pick out a bear and got to build it... HOW FUN! They really make a big deal out of these darn bears! The kids had a blast! My older sister came too and we had Lunch at VRC, had loads of fun playing at the kids area, came home and had a beautiful french vanilla bean cake from PC Market... Absolutely DELICIOUS cake! Gorgeous to boot! But here is the cake and the bears the babies built.....Michael picked out the blue peace bear and Shaylee picked the hello kitty (my fav!!!!) Sorry, the only pic of the cake is blurry!

Moms Afghan

Took almost 4 months to get made! But I finally got it done. It is for her King size bed and the dark purple inner border goes corner to corner on her bed! I was so happy it actually fit it like it was supposed to. Took almost or just over (cannot remember) 6 pounds of yarn to make!!! I just need to get my camera up there and get a pic of it on her bed.

Cradle Purse special order....

Too cute, I guess the little girl is obsessed with Christmas colors and wanted one in said colors..... so it is my first order for a three color purse and I love the 3 colors... gonna have to make up a few more I am thinking pink, purple and white, Green, yellow and white... ya know... if I ever get the time! But here it is in green and red and white. I like it a lot and I guess she was thrilled!!!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness Wash Cloths....

Made these for an extra little something for a valued and repeat customer that is a stage 4 - 4 yr survivor of Breast Cancer. I hope she loves them and that they mean half as much to her as making them for her meant to me! I will be adding them onto my etsy as well. And I will be making a donation to Breast Cancer research for every set that I sell, so it is helping to support the cause.
They are the Illusion Breast Cancer Awareness Wash Cloth Design by Nilda Andrade available for download on ravelry and her blog here

Daughters Pineapple Poncho

Finally got a pic of her in the poncho.... She is 6 ft tall and this poncho is wonderfully huge! It is the same front and back, and it took a several months to make in my spare time (what is that... spare time!LOL), but well worth the effort. She loves it and several people want one, but of course don't want to pay for my time. But then we crafters know how that is... right!?!?!?