December 01, 2009

Blog Neglect.....

OK...OK... I know, I have been horribly neglecting my blog..... Been trying to get some knitting and crocheting in these last few months.
Michael started in Head Start pre school last month and it has been kind of insane and horrible! He loves going to school and playing and painting and interacting with the other kids and is doing well.
Was there for a week.... Got Viral Croup.... WOW.... what a fun week that was! Shaylee and I both got the virus, but not the croup end of it, I slept in on the floor with Michael for almost the entire week. In and out of the steamy shower..... fun times. Then he went back to school after getting better for a week..... And guess what..... he got sick again.... and yes... followed shortly by Shaylee and I again..... 3 times total!!!!! He has missed 3 out of 5 weeks of school.
Well... we all three ended up with ear infections this last time, Michael had a severe double ear infection and thankfully Dr saw Shaylee too as she was just starting one in her left ear, next night I ended up in urgent care with a severe middle ear infection! Just finishing up the antibiotics tonight for them! Poor babies. Has not been a fun 5 weeks here.
Also when my laptop crashed I sent it in for repair with the memory card out of my camera in it and guess what..... It didn't come back with the computer! Arghhhhhhhh no money to get a new one, too many other things are needed first. So not able to take many pics at all to post, I had an order for more of my sofa tissue covers, but kids needed socks or I could have gotten a new one then. Maybe Santa will bring me one. (LOL)
So I am not lost, just not posting!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

October 12, 2009

My only Halloween decoration.....

Well... this is it.... One on the tree and one on the red bush.... Not a drop of orange in it, so it is an acceptable Halloween decoration! LOL... You know how I am about Orange and Black together! LOL

Mom's new puffs tissue box cover

We got the 3 packs of Puffs tissue the other day (it is that time of the year) only to get home and find out they are a good inch to inch and a half taller than the single sale boxes.... sooooo had to reformulate my pattern for the puffs tissue cover to fit the taller boxes.....

1st knit slipper

Thank you Marnee for introducing me to the Pocketbook Slipper!!!! I have finished my first pair now! You knit looser than I do, so mine are a snugger fit so I can wear them alone if I choose. Yours help keep my toes oh so toasy with socks on. So this pocketbook slipper is so easy to knit up that it is now right up there with my Abi's slippers that I crochet. Thanks!!!!

OK... I am I an animal sancutary?

This has really been an odd year for animals.....
earlier this year we had the blue bird in the apt, then the little frog also inside and day before yesterday this big ole snake.... he - she - it was about 4 feet long and thank goodness turned the other way before coming in!!!!!
Just wondering...WHY ME??????? Is there a sign that says come on in????

We threw bottles at him, an old cell phone, one of Michaels shoes... he wasn't leaving!!!! arghh!!! The neighbors husband finally came over and removed him for me! THANK YOU SHANNON!!!!!

September 13, 2009

Afghan Exchange

This is what I made for the Afghan Exchange. I love it. It took the better part of 3 pounders of soft white, 1 skein of Deep Burgundy and 1 skein of Soft Sage. I decided to do a pillow with it as well since I had a pillow form just sitting here yearning to be used!!! LOL She has received it so I can post the pic now! It is queen size which is bigger than the requirement, but I just couldn't see sending a small one, not my style and she didn't have any little ones, so she needed an adult size for sure.

September 12, 2009

My 1st ever Slow Cooker Meal!

Yes, I know... Kinda late starting with the slow cooker experience, but never had one and had a wonderful big one given to me by my Uncle and well.... I wish you could smell it!! WOW! Taste wonderful, couldn't hardly slice the tender chuck roast as it was just about falling apart! Fresh Yukon Gold and Baby Red Potatoes and packaged fresh Baby Carrots, Broccoli and Cauliflower! The kids even ate it! Yummy! I had to share. Not bad for a first ever meal in a Crock Pot Slow Cooker! I had to share!

September 07, 2009

Well... Michael approves for sure

I HAD to hide this right away as it is a gift set and this is the only pic I can post til it is gifted! But again.. know that it is kid tested AND approved! Very approved! I believe the exact words were "so soft and cushy" LOL! My poor yarn obsessed babies!!!

Trinket Box Dolls... 3 of them!

Here are three of the trinket box dolls together... aren't they cute!
Sister approves for sure!!! Got about 30 pics of her touching each hand, each face, each dress, kissing each one of them, holding them and ooohing over them! Another kids tested and approved product! I hope their new owners appreciate the enthusiastic testing of them!

August 17, 2009

Southern Belle Trinket Box Doll

WOW!... Just what I need.. another obsession! I need empty bleach bottles... QUICKLY... I emptied mine into a empty coffee container so I could make one. I kind of had a request for a spanish ladies one like the crinoline dolls I had made.... Sooooooo here she is.... I am obsessed.... Need more bleach bottles!!! LOL
I love these things... the top is stuffed and the bottom isn't, you can stash jewelry, money, special things or whatever you want to put in it that you don't want anyone to see or take! Whoulda thought something so pretty could be so practical!!

August 09, 2009

Corn Chowder pic with recipe

We (kids and I) were watching one of the cooking shows the other day and they made an absolutely horrifying rendition of corn chowder that I will forever have nightmares about... so I HAD to make a pot of mine!!! SO I am gonna share my recipe and hope it scares no one! LOL

Micki's Famously Popular Corn Chowder
6 pieces thick sliced bacon
1 can corn drained
1 large onion finely diced
1 huge elephant garlic clove minced up
3 TBS flour
3 lbs of Yukon Gold potatoes cubed to your desired size
1 can cream style corn
salt and pepper to taste
1 1/2 cups chicken broth (fresh or canned)
1/2 gallon milk
In a LARGE and DEEP fry pan, fry up the bacon til nice and crispy, put aside. DO NOT DUMP THE GREASE...use it to cook the corn, onions and garlic. If you prefer you could dump it and use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) or Butter.
Take the can of drained corn and put in the pan over med-high heat and lightly brown it stirring frequently, add the garlic and onion til they are translucent and browning. Cook it for a few more minutes to ensure a good caramelizing of all of them.
Add the flour and cook and additional few minutes to get rid of the flour taste and add the broth stirring constantly til it is a bubbly boil and add the can of creamed corn and the milk, bring back to a gentle boil then reduce the heat add bacon and cook to desired tenderness, stirring frequently. Remember you will probably at this point want to taste is as it usually needs more salt and pepper.
We always serve the soup with garlic and cheese Texas Toast...YUMMY!
Hope you like it.

July 31, 2009

Secret Buddy Boxes...

List Mom Beth, Carol and Evie were involved in a surprise Secret Buddy gift for me...
The 1st box came from Carol W and had 2 beautiful kid size afghans in it for my grand babies - 1 in pinks for Shaylee and one in blues for Michael, a Gorgeous dark purple and a black variegated chenille hat and scarf set, 6 of the cutest ladybug candles, 7… yes 7 skeins of yarn, 2 pens for the kids, a cute little rolled brim hat made with P&C cotton, 12, yes.. a full year of monthly refrigerator magnet tablets, 24 mini travel spools of thread, a handful of vintage steel crochet hooks (heaven!), a Knitters Bible, 2 dishcloths, one knit and one crocheted, some herbal teas and some gourmet Cocoa mix. Carol, Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can never thank you enough and might (remember I said might) not have to give you a hard time about your team! LOL!
The 2nd AND 3rd box came from Evie M and had a very nice and soft poncho in teal, blue, cream and white sparkle yarn, a bag of Reeses AND a bag of M&M's… both my FAVS!!! a Ziploc storage bowl with sidewalk chalk for my babies, 3 cute cotton crocheted cup holders, 2 towel and toppers in a white green and purple herbs and flowers pattern with the peaches and cream light green cotton topper, An Angel cloth in white with the same light green top, a red white and blue patriotic hat windsock, A hat and scarf set pattern, Pooh metallic acid free stickers for the babies, a bubble kit with 4 different bubble blowers in it, a big ole box of whoppers and a big ole box of starburst. Evie… you are TOO good of a secret keeper and I thank you for it!!! I thank you also from the bottom of my heart and soul!
The 4th box came from Beth Z today and she sent me a full set of Kris Knits summer cloths (the reason I started knitting a year ago), 4 place mats and matching coasters in cotton, 11 skeins of soft baby yarn to start some socks, a sunflower note tablet, Books including…Sugar n’ Cream Dishcloth Contest, Blue Ribbon Crochet, Tis the Season to Crochet, Lily Sugar Babies Bibs n’ Booties, Beaded Scarves, Fast and Fanciful Curling Ribbon Flowers, Playful Kids Sweaters to Crochet, Ponchos for kids, Knitzi Lace and cable socks, and a HUGE stack of flyer's, A hand sewed and embroidered Pink fabric knitting needle and crochet hook case with MY name on it with bamboo knitting needles in 15 of the pockets, they are size 0-15 - 32" circulars, a tape measure, 2 sets of DPN’s size 2 and 4, there is 6 pages inside of the 'book' with pockets and needle slots, a pair of beautiful pink n purple variegated KNIT socks, 2 bamboo handled crochet hooks G & H, 2 knit dishcloths 1 heart and one grandmas favorite that my heart cloth was born from, a knit dress towel topper and towel, and oh my gosh.. the Sweetheart Ripple Afghan made with wine country and baby blush Simply soft yarn… I wanted to make this so badly, but my yarn budget is gone, so yummy and soft!!! Thank you so much Beth, thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can never thank you enough.

July 22, 2009

Mickey Mouse Illusion Dishcloths and Mickey Mouse Dishcloths or washcloths

Well... my dishcloth partner has received and I can post a pic now... I love the illusion or shadow knitting and she happened to like Mickey Mouse so I knew I had to do a picture cloth and actually found a Mickey Mouse Illusion cloth! So I made one each of the Mickey cloths in light purple and dark purple (P&C of course!) and the illusions in light and dark purple each way. I love them! I just need to get down the picture taking of the illusion down! LOL

July 14, 2009

Secret Buddy... What I sent mine.

Here are some of the goodies I sent to my Buddy... I am waiting on my last package to post what I got from the best Secret Buddy (s) ever!!!!!

OK... Here we go....
The red and white dress and overalls were my rendition of a very very old set she had sent me of her Grandmothers a year or so ago, in a semi hideous color combo, so I remade them for her in her favorite color and Cotton yarn.....

And of course... the candy... snickers are her favorite....
This I had to get because I love butterflies and Hearts and she has started getting into hearts and her favorite color is red and mine is pink.... all there.. I thought it was a very touching way to forever join us heart and soul.... it is a little about 2" max and 3/4" deep magnetic cloisonne and swarovski (?)crystals little pill box. Very heavy and heavy duty magnet closure.....
and of course.. yarn.....

There were also several skeins of P&C cotton as well as 3 skeins of Patons Pebbles to make a hat or mittens to match her shawl knit on size 25 needles....

Some relaxing CD's for those tense days...
A set of angel dishcloths/small angel towels and another of my Heart Dishcloths in red with white ribbon so she could use it for a doily for her heart shaped candy dish... bet you thought I forgot that.....,
Here is a big pic of most of the 1st box... there was also a Big Vanilla Bath set with bubble bath, lotion, ya know all that stuff, some dove bath oil soaps, a bunch of wrapping paper, probably 30 plus gift bags from a huge Hallmark (HUGE) closeout 2 yrs ago, my first ever knit heart cloth, big cotton wrapped scrubbers, and a bunch of stuff I cannot remember because I didn't take pictures! DUH and on the angel towel you can see the knit red rose I created myself, put a magnet on it and made it into a fridgie.
The Heart Filet Afghan in Cherry Red....
A horrible (sorry!) picture of the Bottle Cap Heart I created...made of course with P&C.
A set of Crinoline "Spanish Senorita" Ladies in of course... Red and Black

A Soft Green "Chakra" Purse.. we all carry big purses and this one is a great size, fully lined with a matching wallet that is also fully lined with 6 credit card / ID pockets, change section, spot for checkbook and a heavy duty snap closure.
A Red "Yellow Rose of Texas" Doily

2nd Instant Afghan for Charity Drive

Well, as promised, here are the pics of the Afghans for the 2nd Instant Afghan for Charity Drive. They were delivered this afternoon and are hopefully giving comfort to someone as we speak. Thank you again ladies for your generosity and craftsmanship to make this happen.