September 28, 2010

Ambers Leg part 2

Well, she had her surgery and they took the external fixator off (The metal halo thing) She is back home now. These are pics from The 20th on Miss Shaylee's birthday. I know, I know, blog neglect. But life has been a real muther lately and time isn't my friend! LOL 
But here are pics of the leg healing. Will try to get over there in the next week or so to get pics without the halo!

Can you say OUCH!!!
She is home from the hospital now and thrilled to be in her bed tonight.


  1. Ouch, is right. What awful pain she must be in. Have they made any progress finding the hit-and-run driver?

  2. She has chosen to let it go. You could not pay me enough to not pursue it. I would pursue it til I turned blue. This is a lifetime injury, not a broken finger or something. But it is her choice and not mine and she is a big girl and will have to live with it, not me. I am just so sorry she has chosen to let it go.


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