September 13, 2010

Moms Ovarian Cancer Awarness Ribbon Dishcloths....

Here are the cloths I have been desperately looking for Teal Cotton Yarn to make for Mom.... I finally found a small amount and got them done! Woo hoo!!!! So very pleased with them! There is a link to purchase a set for yourself or a loved one as well as a link to the Breast Cancer Cloths too. 10% of ALL sales of these or any other Cancer Awareness Item goes to Breast and Ovarian Cancer research. I Hope this inspires you to do the same! And please remember to get yourself checked regularly!

Breast Cancer Cloths


  1. These are so beautiful, almost too pretty to use for dishes. They could easily double as pretty hot pads. And the fact that you donate proceeds from your store on these cancer-awareness sales is wonderful. I'm blogging about your free pattern for the ribbons tonight.

  2. I don't have patience to you happen to have a crochet pattern for this cloth??

  3. Can yougive me the pattern for ovarin cancer dish cloth?

  4. can you give me the pattern for knitted dish cloth pattern


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