September 28, 2010


I have got to tell you... I have some wonderful friends. But this post is specifically about 2 of them. E and P... You know who you are.
I am truly blessed to have these two women in my life. P about a year ago got me a bunch of yarn... a bunch and a wonderful royal ball winder, gifts for my grand babies and so much more. E has also given me yarn and gifts for me and my babies.
Well.... long story short, I loaned my precious ball winder to Cheryl Slocum Dorchak along with a bunch of cotton yarn in trade for her to make me a couple sets of kitchen items and Cheryl decided she was going to disappear with all the yarn and my ball winder and has never answered another email or phone call from me, so please use extreme caution in ANY dealings with her. 
But I digress..... E sent me a big ole puffy of cotton this last week and today in the mail came a new royal ball winder. I am back in ball winding heaven and can take this nightmare rug out now!!! Thank you so much E!!!
I am so grateful for these 2 women, I cannot even put into words what the 2 of them mean to me and probably never will know how to put it into words. So for now this very public acknowledgment of what they mean to me! 

So... P and E.... I love you both and am so lucky to have you in my life! I am forever grateful to you both!

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