September 28, 2010

Free Business Cards....

I got turned on to this website and they truly are free. You can pick from 45 or so designs, you add the information you want and no more, just pay a small shipping fee. It is just over $5 for the cheap shipping and you get 250 matte business cards. You can tuck them in with every order and gift.  
How exciting is that! It would cost more than that for the paper and the ink to do it yourself! Then you have to cut them out or tear them if they are the perforated ones.
For a fee you can have things like a 2011 calendar on the back of the card, thanks for your business, we like referrals, things like that on the back. 
For 19.99 you can have access to hundreds of other designs and for 24.99 you can use your own pic and logo.
If you are feeling like really promoting your business they also offer matching pens, journals, address labels, magnets, big car magnets and more.
This is a screen shot of the card I am going to get payday. Just the basic freebie.
But check it out at Vistaprint
 I am not affiliated in any way with them, just turning you on to a site I was turned onto and is used by many crafters and business friends.

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