September 12, 2010

Worsted Weight Ovarian / Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pattern

In all my searching for things to make for my Mom, who is undergoing Chemotherapy for Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer, the one thing I cannot find is just a plain worsted weight cancer ribbon for basic plain old lapel pins, appliques, key-chains, etc. 
So.... I set out to figure it out myself and after playing with double crochet, too loose and holey, half double crochet was too bulky and single crochet with 1 row was too narrow and 2 rows too wide, G hook was too big and floppy, so I went down to an E and love the results. I ended up doing it kinda like a foundation chain!!! Heck, I don't even know if I do it right to call it a foundation chain! 

Please feel free to share this pattern, sell what you make from it, whatever you like, but do not say the pattern is yours. Please link it back to me. Thanks and enjoy. 
 (I am including yellow ones to show support for our troops! So these do not have to just be Cancer Awareness Ribbons!) 

Here is the pattern for The Worsted Weight Cancer Awareness Ribbon.... With pics dedicated to my mom, LaDonna ... I love you. 

Worsted Weight Cancer Awareness Ribbon
(I used Cotton Yarn and a G hook for these pictures.)

Very small amount of any worsted weight yarn you have in your stash.
Size F crochet hook
Hot Glue gun or other way to join the ribbon. I use hot glue like most people use duct tape.

Hint: Make sure to keep your tension tight as it makes a neater and tighter ribbon with less flopping on you.
Ch 2, insert the hook back into the first chain, yarn over and pull through, but instead of finishing the stitch, do a chain one and insert the hook into that chain just made,
yarn over and pull through, yarn over chain one, 
yarn over again, pull through both loops, that is the first single crochet,
now insert the hook into the chain previously made, yarn over and pull through, chain one,yarn over pull both through both loops, 2nd one done,
do this until you have 20 sc. tie off and weave in all ends.
Now just bend your ribbon into shape and attach it to whatever you like, I use a drop of hot glue. Be careful not to use too much, it will burn you! 
Please email me if you have any questions. 
Here I just incorporated the key chain into the 9th, 10th and 11th sc. Enjoy and be sure to make some for your local cancer center. It will brighten someones day. If your sell them, consider donating a portion of your sales to Ovarian or Breast Cancer research.


  1. thank you for this pattern. i'm a rank beginner but i wanted to make something simple for friends to wear at the cancer charity hockey game next week. now i can whip up a few in different colors!

  2. Very nice website....Thanks for the patterns....

  3. This is fantastic. I can't thank you enough for showing this pattern in different colors. Awareness of all cancers is so important! Thank you, thank you.

  4. I have been attempting these myself! Thank you kindly for sharing~God Bless you and your mother~

  5. I want to crochet an ovarian colors chemo cap for a dear friend and I'm having trouble choosing a real yarn. I need something really soft like Simply Soft by Caron but none of my stores seem to have a nice teal. I was going to order some so is anyone able to recommend a yarn for me? Thank you.

  6. Luv... Red Heart Soft has a beautiful teal that we have had to go to. Try it.

  7. Great pattern I crochet and am making hats and doating them to my moms chemo group shes battling stage 4 ovatian so this ill b awesome


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