September 28, 2010

Great eBay purchase.....

I have to share this seller! We have been desperately trying to find some teal cotton yarn that won't break the bank to get and I ran across some Peaches and Creme on eBay that only costs 6.95 to mail 1 cone, not over $10!
I was thrilled and placed the order and I had told her that we needed it to make ovarian cancer things for Mom and she emailed me back to tell me she had a pound cone of teal that she would get right in the mail. Well.... 3 days later the package was on my doorstep with a note apologizing that what she thought was teal was actually peacock and she sent me 8 balls of teal cotton AND stated in the note she ordered the teal pounder and would mail it to me as soon as she got it!
She was wonderful and went above and beyond outstanding customer service....  Truly above and beyond! So many of my cotton needs will go through her! I got her permission to post about this and her eBay id is carol14270, her store is called Do it Yarns and here is a link to her store on eBay.. Do it Yarns. 

I hope you will check out her store and give her some of your business. A lot cheaper shipping for just one cone!

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